Why does everyone want to migrate to Turkey?

For many years, Turkey used to be known for its great number of migrating workers to other countries; however, this is now changing and it is now on the receiving end of migrating people. People coming to settle in Turkey are usually flocking to the coastal towns for their retirement or settling in the metropolis regions for investment and work purposes. There is also the large influx of refugees from Middle Eastern countries who are seeking safety in Turkey. The majority of people coming for work and business prefer Istanbul while those seeking their retirement haven choose to go to Mugla and Antalya. Middle Eastern refugees usually stick to the SouthEast Anatolian region. With its job opportunities, natural beauty and safe environment, Turkey is an attractive country for all three categories.

Turkey is a country which presents significant work opportunities for people arriving with temporary work permits or those who have attained permanent residence. The economic growth has increased the need for qualified manpower in many sectors which in turn has boosted these opportunities. For this reason, many applications to live and work in Turkey usually come from Middle Asia and the Balkans. Since Istanbul has a cheaper cost of living than Western European countries and with unlimited opportunities, it is a first choice for many people looking to migrate. For this reason, if you have connections with companies who have a presence in Turkey and you have come across an opportunity to work there, do not hesitate to apply for a work permit.

It is not by chance that the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline is a popular choice with Europeans looking for their retirement homes, particularly the Germans and the English. The natural environment, the quiet tranquility away from the big cities and a wide range of things to do make these locations ideal for retired living. Changes in the law recently have made it easier to purchase property, acquire land deeds, and has become an attractive option for people of retirement age who would prefer to start their new life in a house with a garden rather than an apartment. Since Turkish people are traditionally very hospitable and welcoming, and Turkey is a cosmopolitan country, foreigners have no difficulty in settling down and becoming part of the community.


Permits need to be obtained to work and reside in Turkey, whether temporary or permanent. There are two types of residential permits, short and long-term, and the application process has been made easier. Another way to apply is via dual citizenship, as per the mutual agreements between Turkey and that country since marriages to Turks have increased as has the application for Turkish citizenship. Dual citizenship has become more common since it offers those individuals more integration, with many well-known celebrities acquiring dual citizenship as well.